Mentors (5+ years of practice): Apply here
Mentees (Law Students, 0-5 years of practice): Apply here

Applications accepted until February 29, 2024.

The AABA Mentorship Program groups you into small families that can include law students, as well as entry-level, mid-career, and more seasoned attorneys and/or judges. The goal is to learn from and support each other in our career paths, as well as have fun. This year’s AABA Mentorship Program is designed for two types of intended mentees:

  1. Bay Area law students
  2. Young attorneys (typically 0-5 years of practice) that live or work in the greater San Francisco Bay Area
  3. Attorneys with more than 5 years of practice that live or work in the greater San Francisco Bay Area (where requested, we will try to place you with a more senior mentor)

In this year’s program, we match law students and young attorneys with more senior attorney mentors experienced in particular practice areas (which range from criminal and corporate law, to in-house and government practice, to public interest and immigration law), forming distinct “families” that can offer guidance in every aspect of professional and personal development. In addition, we offer exclusive events throughout the year just for the families in order to facilitate and foster the relationships between mentors and mentees. Some of the events include Dim Sum brunches, bottomless mimosa brunches, karaoke, and trivia night, just to name a few.

Why be a mentor?  Nobody did it on their own.  Everyone remembers navigating the rough seas of a burgeoning legal career, and how important mentors were for their development.  A mentor’s small investment can yield a lifetime of rewards, not just for a mentee, but for a mentor as well.  All it takes is a few phone calls, emails, and a meal or two to make a tremendous difference.  Not only can you help ensure the expansion of a successful and socially conscious Asian legal community, but you can make lifelong friends and increase your own professional network.  It’s never too late to become a mentor!

Why be a mentee?  The amount of success our legal community as seen in those who have participated in our Mentorship Program stands as a testament to the impact of the program on their careers.  Law students and young attorneys have often reported discovering and learning about new types of legal careers and opportunities through their mentors, in addition to the invaluable advice, guidance and perspective gained.  Mentees benefit from roads already traveled and paths already blazed to build upon the successes of previous generations.

*The application includes an option to request family placement with a more senior mentor.

Mentorship Committee Co-Chairs

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